There are only a few dishes that capture the imagination more than lobster. If you are a seafood connoisseur, you like the succulent meat in the ultimate indulgence. Lobsters represent a treat that you might enjoy only on rare occasions.

If you are like some people, you probably want your lobster cooked in a heavily seasoned court bouillon. You want the lobster served with a huge salad, a bottle of crisp white wine, crusty bread, and mayonnaise. If you want to have this experience, head to a restaurant that offers seafood in Tucson. However, if you haven’t done it before, ordering lobster can be intimidating. Here is a guide for beginners who want to get the most out of their fine dining experience:

Picking the Lobster

In some restaurants, you might be able to see lobsters alive in a lobster tank where you can pick your chosen crustacean. If you want to get more meat, pick those with large claws. But, you don’t really have to pick your lobster. If you prefer, just ask the restaurant to choose your lobster for you. Some restaurants price their lobster by weight; thus, ask for an estimate before your bill arrives if you don’t want surprises.

Equipping Yourself with the Utensils

In terms of seafood, you can expect cutlery to go beyond the ordinary. In the case of lobster, the restaurant will equip you with you a claw cracker and a lobster pick. In case the claws of the lobster do not arrive pre-packed, you will need to use a claw cracker. Just wrap the utensil around the claw and close it firmly. You will need the pick to break up the meat into bite-sized pieces.

How to Work on the Lobster when it Arrives

Once the wait staff serves your lobster order, you might feel ready to go. The lobster’s claws and tail are its most delicious parts. Make sure to look out for the green gland toward the end of the head. Normally, you want to avoid this part as it is the digestive system of the lobster. In most restaurants, lobsters are served without this; however, ask the server if you are doubtful.

What to Expect from the Meat

Fresh lobsters are meaty, have sweet flavor, and have supple texture. Many restaurants will oven roast and lightly grill their lobster with garlic butter. The best restaurants will source their lobster from local fishermen to get the freshest variety.

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